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VisitSchedule is a scheduling program for Home Care Providers. It was designed hand-in-hand with Home Health Care professionals to address their most important needs and requirements. 

When you schedule a visit, you can easily:

  • Select only authorized employees, who are qualified to perform visit tasks
  • Select from only those employees who are available at the visit time
  • Switch from client to employee view with a single click!

VisitSchedule makes your life easier:

VisitSchedule prevents you from sending a home health aide on a skilled services visit. It wonít allow you to schedule the same employee for two clients at the same time.  It warns you about potential employee overtime hours, and even reminds you when an employee is due for training. VisitSchedule is easy for your whole staff to use, allows several users to view and modify schedules simultaneously, and yet, it maintains the security you need to ensure client privacy.

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Sometimes you simply canít send a certain employee to a particular client. Perhaps the client has a cat, and the aide is allergic. VisitSchedule helps you select the right worker for each client.

VisitSchedule reduces the time you spend scheduling, and helps you make a better schedule:

  • Store detailed client information - service orders, emergency contacts, reminders and more
  • View daily, weekly, 2-week and monthly schedules - switch quickly between views
  • Sort schedules by client, employee or type of visit

VisitSchedule keeps client information secure.

VisitSchedule was designed taking into account all current concerns about client privacy and in accordance with current health care regulations. In addition to passwords and role-based restrictions, some VisitSchedule versions come with iKey?security tokens. The iKey is a small, key-like device that connects to the USB port of the user's computer, providing two-factor user authentication as recommended by HIPAA.

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