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VisitCall Overview

VisitCall ?easy to learn, and easy to use.?/i>

VisitCall™ is a phone- and web-based time and attendance system that allows office employees in Home Health Care and other service industries to track time and location of outside workers. Users in both small and large companies say VisitCall is a timesaving, easy-to-use system. How easy?

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Easy Phone-Based Time Tracking

Field employees call a special toll-free number when they arrive at a customer location, and again when they leave it. The system automatically records Employee Access Code, check-in and check-out times, verifies employee location based on Caller ID information and also delivers voice announcements.

Recently announced:

VisitCall Express

a new offering specifically designed for small and startup Home Care companies with less than 30 employees

Simple User Interface

Office employees can access employee activity records via the Internet immediately in the form of web-based reports, quickly and easily enter and modify employee and customer lists, lookup current employee location and generate billing, payroll and detailed activity reports (by employee or by customer) through simple web-based screens. Automated database downloads provide permanent records. Exception reports help identify and correct user mistakes and data inconsistencies.

VisitCall Makes Your Work Easier

Customized reports, integration with scheduling, billing and payroll systems and other features can be added to make your work easier and more accurate.

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