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VisitCall Express

Fully integrated software for small and startup Home Care companies

From the makers of VisitCall - one of the most advanced timekeeping systems for Home Care on the market comes a new product offering designed specifically for small and startup companies with less than 30 employees.

Just $99 a month! 500 calls included.

Designed and developed in collaboration with a number of Home Care agencies, the VisitCall family of products accumulates many years of experience in the Home Care industry. Since its original release in 2001, VisitCall line of products has been the platform of choice for many Home Care providers all over the US.

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VisitCall Express offers you:

?/span> electronic timekeeping
?/span> field employee monitoring
?/span> real-time web-based reports
?/span> payroll and billing reports
?/span> visit schedules and actual times
?/span> voice announcements to field staff
?/span> no-show and late arrival reports

With VisitCall Express, even small and startup companies with just a few employees can now enjoy most of the same benefits as were previously available to bigger companies only. For as low as just $99 a month* home care providers get a full-featured phone and web-based electronic timekeeping system that allows office employees to track time and location of outside workers, enter schedules, view and edit actual visit data reported from the field, view and print billing and payroll reports.

Easy Phone-Based Time Tracking

Here is how it works: Field employees call a special toll-free number when they arrive at a client location, and again when they leave it. The system automatically records Employee Access Code, check-in and check-out times, verifies employee location based on Caller ID information and also delivers voice announcements. Office employees can access employee activity records via secure website immediately in the form of web-based reports, quickly and easily enter and modify employee and customer lists, enter schedules, look up current employee location and generate billing, payroll and detailed activity reports (by employee or by customer) through simple web-based screens. Exception reports help identify and correct user mistakes and data inconsistencies.

And as your business needs grow, rest assured that you will have an easy upgrade path should you decide to take advantage of more advanced features offered by other products in the VisitCall family. 

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*See service agreement for details. VisitCall, VisitSchedule and VisitAlert are trademarks of Ampersand International, Inc.