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What users are saying...

Many Home Health Care providers in Ohio and in other states have chosen to use the VisitCall™ system. And that decision is paying off! If you would like to talk to VisitCall customers in person, please fill out the on-line request form and we will gladly provide the references.

Here is what current users are saying about VisitCall:

Ease of use

“It is very easy to use for the employees in the field and in the office.”

Reduced customer complaints

“I used to get 5 to 10 complaints a day from our clients. Since we started using VisitCall, I get one a day, if any!”

Improved Service

“Aides are staying longer in the home. Since the staff is staying longer, the clients are receiving more services.”

“Most of our aides are honest about the time they spend with the patient providing care. But for the 10% or so that are not, they now have to report the time they arrive and leave the home.”

Better Productivity

“Based on the decrease of patient complaints, I would estimate a 5% to 10% increase in productivity.”

“10% of my aides are showing an improvement of at least 10% and that is a significant number for our organization.”

Improved Accuracy

“I get more accurate billing and payroll information.”


“The VisitCall system more than pays for itself every month!”

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