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Your VisitCall data is safe!

We take security and privacy very seriously and put a lot of efforts in protecting our customerís data. Even though VisitCall is not intended for medical documentation, still, it is designed to help our customers address all HIPAA requirements and guidelines related to privacy and security of patient information.

Secure access

All communication with VisitCall is encrypted using the industry-standard SSL (HTTPS) communication protocol. Two levels of user authentication are utilized: first, users are required to enter a user name and password just to get to the secure portion of the website. In addition, each user is also prompted for an individual access code and password when logging in to the program. VisitCall utilizes role-based security: users have different access rights depending on their roles. VisitCall also maintains the history of changes to visit records: the audit trail.

VisitCall backup procedures

For starters, all of our server data disks in the VisitCall Data Center are mirrored. We use SCSI RAID disk arrays on all of our enterprise-grade servers, meaning every bit of data is written to more than one disk at the same time. This protects the data against physical disk failure: a single failed hard drive will have no effect on data integrity. All disks are hot-swappable: we can replace a failed disk even without taking the server down.

Second, we do a full backup of every database on our servers every night. The latest backup copies are always readily available to us on-site in case of any database corruption or in case we need to investigate any reported problems. In addition, once a week an encrypted backup copy of every database is taken off-site. Select backup copies are deposited to a bank volt for long term storage of at least 10 years.

VisitCall Data Center

All of our web, database and phone servers are all located in our VisitCall Data Center, which is a secure facility with 24-hour surveillance and smart-card access to the building. It has backup power and on-site diesel generators, which allow our servers to run even during prolonged city-wide power blackouts. The facility is equipped with a dry fire-suppression system, which means computers will not be flooded with water in case of fire. For extra redundancy, we have multiple T1-lines coming to the building from different phone companies.


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