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VisitCall™ system not only provides accurate time and attendance information and verifies location of field employees, but it can also be used for billing purposes, reducing or even eliminating the need for manual data entry. Various billing reports are included with the standard version of the program.

Precise time and attendance information about visits is collected and automatically verified through the phone-based interface. This information can then be reviewed by office staff, compared to schedules and service orders, and adjusted (manually or automatically) according to selected rounding rules and billing policies.

VisitCall can generate Billing Summary, Billing Detail and Billing by Client reports. These reports can be itemized by payor or by visit type. The program automatically rounds visit hours according to selected rounding rules. If required, the overnight visits can be split at midnight.

VisitCall is a very flexible system. It can be configured to accommodate specifics of each organization. For example, the starting day of the week can be adjusted, virtually any billing period can be selected, different billing periods can be used for different payors, and the rounding rules can be selected for each payor individually.

The program allows users to select individual visit records for billing, or to exclude specific records, for instance, if they are not yet authorized. Skipped records can later be included in the subsequent billing periods: the program keeps a record of visits that have already been invoiced.

Manual record adjustments are allowed for authorized users. The program keeps history of all manual adjustments for audit purposes.

In addition to standard billing reports, VisitCall offers optional data export formats for integration with billing systems or for automatic generation of electronic invoices (e.g. Ohio PASSPORT billing). Custom reports and export formats can be provided upon request.

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